Software Update for FANUC Alpha and Beta Amplifiers

Know If You Need to Update the Control Software After Replacing the Servo Amplifier

In many cases, after replacement your might need to perform the software update for your control. That requirement affects the following FANUC servo amplifiers:

Servo Amplifier SeriesPart Numbers
FANUC Alpha Series (FSSB)A06B-6096-H***
High Voltage Alpha Amplifier (FSSB)A06B-6097-H***
FANUC Beta Series (FSSB)A06B-6093-H11*

These very simple steps will help you to determine if your FANUC control software needs to be updated.

How to find out that I need a software update?

Step 1.

Use the following key sequence: SYSTEM hard key > SYSTEM soft key > PAGE DOWN hard key.

Knowing your alarm code may lead to the actual reason of the problem, and undoubtedly it will help you to have more information when it comes to FANUC servo and spindle drives repair services.

Step 2.

Find the title “Servo” on the “System Configuration” page. You should see the existing software series and revision.

Step 3.

You have to update the software if you will see one of the following series and revisions:

  • 9090 VER 0001 through 0011
  • 90A0 VER 0001 through 0004

If you discover that your software version is 9090 revision 11 (or earlier), then the servo software also will need to be upgraded in order to use the newer FANUC servo amplifiers. The software is compatible with both the older and newer servo amplifiers.

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